Kristin LaRose

I have been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil. It seems that even when you’re in the worst of places with nothing at all, there are always pencils and paper. Years of technical training and life experience have brought my art to a whole new level. At one point I used my ability to draw as an escape, now it is my passion.

I started drawing with whatever pencils I could get my hands on, whether it was just a yellow #2 pencil or a $2 set of Crayola colored pencils from the grocery store. When I went off to high school, I discovered a whole new world of art. I put my pencils away for a while and found solace in ceramic sculpture. It wasn’t until a life drawing class at Cal State Long Beach that I realized that you can create the 3 dimensional feel of a sculpture with my old pencils and paper. My goal now is to create the most realistic drawings that I can.

Everything inspires me. Every color, texture, feeling, and person that I come across brings something new to the table. The specific drawings are not meant to be taken literally, but to bring a different emotion to everyperson that sees them. The feelings that they bring to me are not always going to be the same as everyone else, but the important part is that they create an emotion. My goal is not to tell my story, but to create a new one.
Kristin Kaplowitz
Drawings. Prismacolor Colored Pencil and Sharpie Marker on paper.

Fine Arts UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), 1998 - 1999
CSULB (California State University, Long Beach), 1999 - 2003

Portfolio Coffeehouse - I Swear They’re Not Photos - 2009

Gallery 33 - Second Annual Valentine's Month Exhibiton - Long Beach - 2007
Portfolio Coffeehouse - Holiday Exhibition - 2007
United Care Charity Auction - CSULB Japanese Garden - 2006
The Hive - Los Angeles - 2006
Portfolio Coffeehouse - Holiday Exhibition - 2006
Portfolio Coffeehouse - Holiday Exhibition - 2005